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to Central England Holistic Therapies & Training College..

.......We also welcome Room Hire enquiries from therapists of all disciplines as, although we are a busy Holistic Practice, we do have scope for new therapists to join our most valued team.....

Please call Isabelle or Michael on 0121 444 1110


To purchase gift vouchers, make an appointment for a consultation or for further information, call 0121 444 1110.

Our team of qualified clinicians offer a wide range of complementary therapies with a strong emphasis upon a holistic (whole mind / body) approach.

To learn more about our range of therapies, including the cost of treatment, click on the Treatment and Therapies links.

To learn more about our team of practitioners and their qualifications, click on Practitioners.

To find out more about the centre, including its opening hours, and services it offers, click on Services.

 Your fast track to vocational training in Clinical Hypnosis, NLP, Coaching, Pilates & Fitness.  Click on Training College.








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